Equity Financing

Taking an equity stake in appropriately incorporated Limited Liability Company (LLC) is preferred over buying shares on the stock exchange at the moment for us, even us the London Stock Exchange remains of the exit options available to us.

Startups and young businesses mostly need extra funding to grow and expand, but their limited history makes it difficult for them to be able to get traditional business loans and the business owner might not want to risk losing major personal assets like their home to fund their business.

Equity financing is a way for businesses to get the funding they need without dealing with strict requirements at the bank or having to go into debt for a business expansion loan.

Equity financing is different from other types of business financing in the sense that you don’t go into debt and there’s nothing for you, the business owner, to repay. Instead, you raise money for your business by selling shares of your business to investors, who then become part owners in your business. The percentage of ownership an investor has is proportionately tied to the size of their investment.

- We do not do an equity investment directly. Instead, we do a convertible debt, with pre-agreed conversion privileges and a callable options.

- Business must be registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with the Companies House
- Business must have bank account for their business with any of the FCA/PRA-regulated banks
- Business must have a working website

Exit Options
- Equity/Debt Swap
- Buyouts (either/both)
- Stock Exchange Listing

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