Available Startup Funding

Money is a big worry when you’re starting a small business. Unlike most startup platforms scattered all over the place who pass you off to an external lender, UKStartups directly provides you with the funding you need for your UK-based startup or new business.

Very Important

• In order to be eligible for any of our Startup Financing options, your business must be a UK registered company and/or registered in UK for tax purposes. Businesses that primarily export goods or services overseas may still be eligible to apply provided the operational side of the business and the majority of revenue resides in the UK.

• You must be living in the UK at the time of your application and the duration of your proposed loan term.

• You must be free to work in the UK on a full-time basis with no restrictions on the type of work or self-employment. If you are in the UK on a visa and your application is successful, you will need to repay your loan and all associated interest at least six months prior to your visa expiry date.

• You must have a bank account in the name of your business

• You must have a website for your business and business email for your business

Our business financing comes in all shapes and sizes. The option for your business is the one that best satisfies your short-term needs, while helping you reach your long-term goals. With £10 bn firmly committed and secured via our global partners to be disbursed over a decade to over 10,000 solid businesses (including potential 'unicorns'), we are offering different direct funding options for startups and new businesses in the UK, including:

1. Startup Loans
Small businesses play a vital role in the economy, but they often struggle to get business loans from banks. To help encourage the growth of small businesses, UKStartups and its partners provide loans to startups and small businesses. There are several different types of SME loans. Apply Now.

2. Equity Financing
One way to receive financing for your business is by selling shares of it to investors. This is known as equity financing. Equity financing can come either from an individual investor or an investment firm. When you choose equity financing, the people or firms that invest in your company become part owners. . Apply Now.

3. Business Grants
Free money for your business subject milestones. Apply Now.